The Science Of Dry Ice In The Classroom

Chillistick is passionate about dry ice! It is a great material for demonstrating scientific principles for students of all ages! A visual and fun way which we believe helps children engage in science. From making instant ice cream to powering water rockets. From making loud bangs to blackcurrant flavoured clouds – it’s great for bringing science to life!

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Chillistick have developed 2 science packs for Primary and Secondary Schools. The Primary Pack features 7 experiments which can be carried out over an afternoon. The Secondary Pack contains over 20 demonstrations. Each pack is supplied with dry ice, hardware and instructions. These packs now cover statutory and non-statutory elements of the national curriculum. Click on the packs for further  information. Also check out our videos below of dry ice in action!

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Primary Science Hardware & Ice Pack
£64.80  -  £99.61
Secondary School Science Pack
£69.26  -  £104.49
The Safe Explosion
The Safe Explosion

Caught On Camera .... All Kit Supplied In The Science Packs