Primary Science Packs - Equipment & Dry Ice included: £49 + VAT 

Making Ice Cream Sorbets & Smoothies With Dry Ice

Here are all the resources you will need to perform some cool demos that will engage your class, please scroll to the bottom to see reviews from schools!

We have prepared a series of downloads and are offering these free to schools who register with us.

Each demo is a separate PDF. It would take 2 hours or more to go through the entire repertoire and therefore you may wish to select those demos which work with your lesson plan, or conduct demos over 2 days. Alternatively could share  your pack with another class.

Some of the demonstrations can be carried out consecutively and we suggest starting with the simple ones before progressing to the more extravagant demos thereby keeping everyone’s attention. Our suggested order is:

Making Ice Cream Sorbets & Smoothies With Dry Ice
  • The Hovercraft (friction)
  • Horrible Hand - Expanding glove (change of state, gases need more room than solids)
  • Floating Bubbles (some gases are heavier than others)
  • Safe Explosion (gases take up more space, pressure)
  • Volcano (craft opportunity, making a cloud)
  • Big Fog Effect (why are clouds white?)
  • Bubble Monster (gas and bubble formation)
  • Fruit Clouds (spreading aroma, science in action)
  • The Rocket (must be done outdoors – pressure, thrust, friction, drag and fun!)
  • Fruit Smoothie Ice Cream (science of ice cream)

Please download and read our safety notes when planning your lesson.

Dry ice has a very short shelf life – 2 days when it gets to you, during this time it is constantly evaporating (subliming) to carbon dioxide gas. For this reason we deliver Tuesday to Friday so please order the dry ice to arrive the day before you plan to use it.

Call us!  We would be pleased to talk through the use of the kit and may be able to offer suggestions and advice - 020 3432 9412


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