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Dry ice cleaning does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Dry ice does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Dry ice cleaning does not generate secondary waste.

Dry ice cleaning is safe and non-toxic (once pellets impact the surface, they dissipate).

Dry ice cleaning reduces and also eliminates employee exposure to the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents.

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Industrial Use

Chillistick is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dry ice in the UK serving the commercial and industrial market sectors. We supply from a few kilos to multi-tonne loads.

Our wide range of clients include large scale users like the food, leisure, medical and airline sectors. We offer a full range of products including 9mm and 3mm pellets. We deliver 6 days a week including arranging same day.  To find the best product for your application please visit our Dry Ice Products section.

A key factor in manufacturing dry ice is to ensure the ice is made to order and delivered as near as possible to the time of use - it is always delivered fresh to you. This reduces the problem of ice loss and reduced mechanical strength which will affect performance. It also means that we can supply the whole of the UK from our manufacturing base in Southern England, as we know that our dry ice will still be fresh when you receive it.

We supply 3mm and 9mm pelletised form in any quantity from 2.5kg to multi tonnes.

Blast Media

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning process using solid CO2. A non-abrasive media that will not damage surfaces or equipment. The  pellets are accelerated at supersonic speeds which sublimate on impact with the surface being cleaned. This process lifts the dirt and contaminants off the underlying substrate. Therefore the waste media can then be either swept up, vacuumed or washed away.

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally responsible way of cleaning. The dry ice we manufacture is made from reclaimed carbon dioxide which has been produced from other industrial processes. It does not therefore add to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Compared to other media blasting methods, dry ice does not create secondary waste or chemical residues as dry ice sublimates and converts back to a gaseous state when it hits the surface that is being cleaned.

Dry ice blasting is also non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-flammable and non-toxic.

We deliver 3mm blast 6 days a week and can also offer same-day. Your blast is manufactured to order. Please email info@chillisticks.com or call 020 3432 9412 for a quote.

10mm diameter pellets - any quantity - regular or ad hoc deliveries

Shipping cold chain items requires a process of understanding the product, its composition and biological processes associated with perishability. How to ensure the physical means of the product is kept at premium temperature conditions along the supply chain and the transportation needs of a temperature sensitive product.

We have significant experience and a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of cold chain logistics whatever your needs we can help fulfil your shipping requirements. 

Dry Ice Logistics can supply 10mm diameter pellets in any quantity to meet your packing requirements. We also offer rice grade packing media for delicate items. The product will be shipped in a range of polystyrene shippers with cardboard outers which can be provided pre-chilled and loaded with dry ice. Please phone 020 3432 9412 to discuss your requirements.

Insulated Polystyrene Shippers For Cold Chain Logistics

Chillistick offer a range of polystyrene shippers which can be shipped by the pallet load or pre-filled with dry ice to your requirements. We have several boxes available - sizes include:-