Are You A Teacher Hero - #BackToSchool2018

how to become a teacher hero depicting male and female teachers

Did you know

There will be 7.5 million children  returning to school this week? 

Did you also know

There have been over 1 billion searches on Google for Back to School and 349 million impressions on the backtoschool2018 hashtag? 

Back to school shopping is the second biggest shopping season of the year with families expected to spend an average of £36.70 just on uniform. This is without shoes, coats, bags and other equipment required.

Parents make a big investment for Back To School, to provide their children with all the tools they need to look good and to have everything to hand. They are however helpless when it comes to easing children into their new school environments. This is therefore a critical time for a school and we at Chillistick have devised a few ideas which can help with this daunting process.

A new year group, friendship circles, new school all can add to nerves and anxiousness – team building is a great way to bring children at ease with one another whilst also doing some fabulous fun activities.

The Chillistick science packs are brilliant for many things:-

Teamwork, Friendship Bonding & Confidence Building

The experiments in these packs will help with the student’s teamwork, encouraging interaction, helping those pupils out who may be new to the school or ones that find they don’t have friends in their class

Visual Learning

The packs are also great to entice pupils into learning. You could show a primary school class what pressure is using the safe explosion, explaining what happens when it builds up and how it releases. Pupils need to see these concepts in action, especially as 65% of people are visual learners

Interaction - Pupils & Teachers

They are also great to ensure teachers get off on the right foot with new students and classes. What better way to motivate and engage your new students, ensuring that teachers are seen as heroes, than involve your students in the lesson and make the learning fun, using our science packs, as this is two of the  main thingsthat get children motivated for lessons.

So now you’ve decided that you’re going to invest in a science pack for your students, I suppose you’ll want to know what you get for your investment?

Cost: £1.38 per child - Return: Priceless


Pack Information

Along with all the hardware in our Primary Pack and Secondary Pack you can see our full list of experiments here. We have whittled it down to two of our best that are great for student interaction, enticing pupils into learning and ensure teachers are seen as heroes.

The Rocket

Now this is one that will make students love their teacher, not many classes will be launching rockets during their first week back! Place a couple of pellets of dry ice into the bottle along with water, push the bung in, securing it properly by pushing it against the bottom of the jug, leaving it in their until it launches. Easy right? And something that will get the kids talking and ensure they want to come back to your class.




The Hovercraft

You just know that this experiment will make jaws hit the floor. To get started, grip a decent sized pellet of dry-ice and press it against the table, creating a flat surface on one side. Next, push it across the surface and watch the magic. The pellet floats on a little cloud of fog across the table. Involve the children by letting them push the ice around, if they have gloves, or by getting them to come up with ways that will make the hovercraft work better.