How To Use Dry Ice In My School?

There are many ways in which a school can use dry ice to grab the attention of students, parents and teachers. From science lessons to open evenings. Here are just a few ideas :

Science Experiments With The Chillistick Science Pack

The Chillistick science pack comes complete with over 20 science experiments, the equipment required as well as teacher's notes and assessments.

Simple to order and no need for payment in advance. We accept purchase orders for all schools and colleges.

Further information on the science pack can be found using the Science Pack link. If you would like an example of the detailed experiments below please contact us and we will be happy to email you!

dry ice fog effects

Big Fog Effects

dry ice smoking cocktails

Smoking Drinks

ice cream

Delicious Ice Cream

inflating balloon

Inflating Balloon

water crystal

Crystal Growth

screaming metal

Screaming Metal

safe explosion

Safe Explosion




Open Evenings

Dry ice packs can quickly gain the attention of parents in a number of visually interesting ways, all with a scientific connection. Consider making small batches of instant ice cream for visitors, wow parents and potential new students with a smoke ring generator, or interest younger children with a blackcurrant cloud! All our packs come with guidelines and safety information to make the open events a stress-free success.

Class Lessons From Age 6 To 18 Years

We have prepared a booklet providing dozens of age-appropriate activities. Each class activity is described in detail with a time estimate along with any additional equipment that may be required. For each activity the booklet provides a discussion section to challenge the students further. Our education pack will last for 2 days and can be used over a number of classes, for this reason we recommend that where possible teachers co-ordinate so that the cost of the pack can be shared across different classes and age groups.

Concerts, Plays & Social Events

After all the work and practice that is put into an end-of-term concert why not add a little West End magic and use dry ice to create some fog effects? Easy and safe these can really add the finishing touch to a concert! Also great for graduation balls and other student social events.

Dry Ice Requirements

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on experiments or your dry ice requirements. Our helpline is open during working hours 5 days a week on 02034 329412.

Please share your ideas, photos and videos with us - thanks!

Dry Ice used in schools can be great fun - don't just take our word for it! :-