Halloween Props

Witch's Pail Halloween Prop Party Idea Halloween Witch's Cauldron With Dry Ice Halloween Jack O Lantern Pumpkin With Dry Ice Fog Breathing Scary Halloween Dry Ice Fog

Witch's Pail 

Perfect for creepy fog across the floor, entrance way, grave-yard garden!

Creepy Cauldron

Ideal for witch's potions and bubbling cauldrons. Trick or treat? What's inside ... oooerr!

Screaming Pumpkin

Screaming pumpkins at the door - or pumpkin carving competition - whatever you choose - be scary! 

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Halloween Drink Ideas

Take a look at our Halloween Cocktail Menu created by  mixologists for use with dry ice. Dry ice  should NOT be used directly in drinks without some safety device to ensure the dry ice is safely captured. Chillistick design and manufacture products for this purpose.

Dry Ice Halloween Cocktail Using Dry Ice Safely | Chillistick Cocktail Stirrer | Dry Ice Drink dry ice shot glass | dry ice drinks | dry ice shots Halloween Punch Bowl | Halloween Sharing Drinks Using Dry Ice In A Punch Kids Spooky Halloween Party |Children's halloween party

The Chillistick

designed for individual cocktail drinks. Available in  - black or a Dracula black and red - choose the scariest option for you!

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Ice Breaker Shot Glass

designed for individual shots. That's not all - the dry ice chills the shot to the perfect temperature so the look and taste hits you in one.

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Halloween Punch

perfect for sharing - use  the Ice Cage with your own pouch bowl or  the Cauldron (includes  the  ice cage). 

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The Skull Jug

perfect for sharing - recommended for the children as a creepy fog jug with Skull emblem. The jug includes an ice cage.

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Halloween Party Packs - Dry Ice Included!

Halloween Drinks Party Pack | Dry Ice Halloween Punch Ideas Halloween Party Pack Ideas, Costumes, Props & Drinks Pack, Cauldrons, Witch's Potions Halloween Party Pack Ideas, Costumes, Props & Drinks Pack, Cauldrons, Witch's Potions

Halloween Drinks Party Pack

Perfect for cocktails, shots and a large scale fog effect.

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Halloween Fog Party Pack

Perfect all round for small and large fog effects.  

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Party at Home Ideas

FREE Download with what you can do at home this Halloween.  

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Welcome To Our Party Packs

Great Value - lots of fun and these packs include dry ice!

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