GREEN CO₂ From Renewable Energy

Dry Ice CO2 Green Energy From Renewable Green Source

Chillistick’s CO₂ is a by-product of green gas production generated from anaerobic digestion of green feedstocks. 

Anaerobic digestion naturally breaks down organic matter to produce carbon dioxide, methane and water using microorganisms which thrive in the absence of oxygen. 

After purification and extensive testing, methane is injected into the gas grid to be used for power generation and to heat UK homes, while the CO₂ is captured, compressed, purified further and liquified before being delivered to local customers in the food and drink industry.

Chillistick’s Green CO₂ is stringently and continuously tested during production and prior to shipment using the latest analytical technology and industry best practice. This means that the CO₂  Chillistick uses is fully certified to the EIGA and ISBT Food and Beverage Grade quality requirements.