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Dry Ice is a terrific option for dinner parties, special celebrations, and, of course, children’s parties – great for big kids too!

Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a smoking Champagne bucket, or an exclusive smoking cocktail. Have a celebration with smoking shot glasses, or create your own ice cream. Use smoking pitchers of magic potion for the kids, or try a volcano cake. These are just some of the varied and fun things that can be accomplished with dry ice.

Look through our range of products to see how to use dry ice safely and conveniently. We have many downloads and other information demonstrating how to use the ice in fun, safe ways. Most of the ideas need small quantities of dry ice, our 2.5 or 5kg packs are ideal for dinner parties, 5 to10kg are the right choice for most children’s parties and
celebrations. Go mad with a Hawaiian voodoo evening, magic or spooky party and we can supply the dry ice to suit. If in doubt, please call us, and we will be happy to advise on the right amount.

Below are some cool fun experiments and ideas

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Cloud Pour
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Dry ice exempt vat
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Dry Ice Pellets In Pack Sizes
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Ice Breaker Shot Glass
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Ice Cage
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Ice Cloud - Ice Bucket Kit
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Ice Pour Dry Ice Container
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Pitcher Jug
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Skull Jug
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