Valentine's Day

There are many interesting facts to Valentine’s Day such as Valentine being the patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy – we didn’t see that one coming either! However, we digress. Many of you will exchange cards, gifts or flowers to that special someone in your life. It is the one time in the year (actually we discovered it isn’t – but that’s for the interesting fact link) where you can showcase your romantic side with a gift or surprise. More often people have a tendency to stay with what they know without realizing that something simple can be more magical and definitely more memorable. Chillistick has over the years adopted a much-said tag line … “dry ice is not just for Halloween”. It is important for people who are not as familiar with dry ice as ourselves to avoid looking at dry ice for spooky effects or witch’s cauldrons and wizardry potions. Hopefully more articles like this can showcase the absolute genius of dry ice and just how effective it can be for almost any occasion and application. We of course have our favourites and Valentine’s Day is extremely important in the yearly calendar of events. We often speak to our customers and provide advice on the best uses during this time. Ever heard the expression “think out of the box?” Imagine presenting a gift box to your valentine – imagine the surprise when they open the box and see a wonderful cloud effect – that’s something to grab their attention straight away and they haven’t even seen once inside the box yet. Just how thoughtful are you? Women will love it touching on their emotional side and men will think it cool – we consider this very much a win win for those all important brownie points! Last year, one of our customers who did just that in order to pop that most important question! If this is you in 2017 how can someone say no? Sounds amazing but the real amazing thing is whilst it appears a lot of thought and effort has been made in reality it is one of the least stressful ways of ordering on line having it delivered and adding water – simple. Makes you look great and also the envy of others who thought chocolates would be a good idea! OK so maybe you are in a relationship not quite at that level or perhaps already married but still would like to show how different you can be? Well how about serving a bottle of champagne in a cloud of dry ice – our Chillipop is great for this. Not into champagne? How about a signature dry ice cocktail – you can make this at home with a small pack of ice and a chillistick – simple. Perhaps you fancy a whisky as a nightcap…. The angel’s share is definitely something we recommend. Rather than having a cocktail the cloud effect in a whisky or brandy glass is something rather different and the aroma will come through which again is another one of those life experiences to make you smile and that’s definitely what Valentine’s Day is all about. If you would like to share your valentine moments with us we would love to hear from you and share your photo’s.

The products referenced in this article include The Chillipop, The Chillisticks and a small pack of 2.5kg Dry Ice. These can be ordered on line at or alternatively if you would like to get in touch please do not hesitate to call us on 0203 4329412 or email


champagne bucket using dry ice to create fog effects