Solid Carbon Dioxide - Cleapps & Chillistick

Solid Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - Cleapss visit Chillistick HQ

Chillistick have supplied dry ice to Cleapss for a number of years. At a recent HQ visit here is what they had to say:-

"We recently visited the offices of leading solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) manufacturer, Chillistick, in Basingstoke.

We were shown some brilliant demonstrations illustrating various scientific principles, such as change of state, pressure, and even a CO2 rocket.

Having used their services for anumber of years (to supply the dry ice needed to demonstrate cloud chambers on our RPS training course), we have found that delivery is reliable, and their CO2 comes in well-packaged polystyrene boxes that minimise loss by sublimation.

Whilst some schools may have CO2 cylinders, these can often work out more expensive than an occasional order of solid pellets from a supplier such as Chillistick. The company offers a discount to schools by quoting "CLEAPSS19" when ordering.

Chillistick is keen to work with schools, and has a larger number of dry ice related experiments, on its website. For more information, visit for advice on the safe use of solid carbon dioxide see CLEAPSS guidance in SRA 030 Use of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and Hazzcard 20A."