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Halloween is fast approaching and so if you are looking for very cool party ideas consider using dry ice to create amazing smoke effects, please also view our Halloween video to see these ideas in action to help you plan your party. You can create smoking drink pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls and dinner table  centre piece displays that will have your guests talking! Please read this page as it contains all the information you need to make the right choices for your event. We use dry ice to create these effects along with our hardware.

How to create the perfect fog effect

The recipe for the perfect fog effect is to add water and ice in the ratio 2 litres of hot water to 200 grams of dry ice. The smallest fog effect can be carried out in a ceramic coffee mug with just a few pieces of dry ice and the biggest fog effects can be carried out in multiple buckets - it's up to you!

The hotter the water the better the fog effect, but if you use a kettle make sure that the water has rested for at least 3 minutes before pouring othewise your fog will lift-off into a cloud of steam..

Choose the ideal place for your fog effect, this could be on a table or at the top of the stairs for example (the fog is heavier than air and so always falls down.) 

Decide on the size of the fog effect you want, we suggest you do an experiment with 200g of ice and 2 litres of very hot water. this will spread the fog to about 3 - 4 metres. You can always scale up if this is not sufficient.

Choose a container appropriate to the amount of water you need - a plastic bucket or container is ideal, ceramic and pyrex bowls are also fine, but do not use normal glass as it may crack.

Place the container on a towel - you will get moisture depositing on nearby surfaces so make sure computers etc. are out of reach. 

Measure the correct amount of water into your kettle and heat. The temperature of a cup of tea is perfect, so remember to let boiled water to rest for at least 3 minutes. 

Measure the dry ice into your container. Use kitchen scales if available. We find a 1/2 pint ceramic coffee mug makes an excellent scoop, and holds around 200 grams of dry ice.

Gather your guests around and pour the entire contents of the kettle into the container. Expect applause!

Fog Effect for Dinner Table Centre Piece

When your guests are seated add hot water from a jug into a container which is in the centre of the table. A dense white cloud will be formed that will pour over the table top. For an added flourish consider adding a scented essence to the hot water that complements your food - the cloud will spread this aroma providing fun and drama for your Halloween Dinner - a simple yet awesome effect.

The secret is in the preparation. Select a container of your choice made from plastic or pyrex glass that will be used as the source of the fog effect. Measure the volume so that you know how much dry ice to add - the ratio is 100g of dry ice to 1 litre of hot water. Just before your guests are seated add the dry ice in the kitchen and place on table - do not leave dry ice in container for more than a few minutes as it will evaporate. Once everyone is seated pour the correct amount of hot water (with essence if you wish) into the container and remember to take photos! We recommend using our ice cage if you think there is a chance that someone will try and put their hand in the container whilst it is fogging. The Ice Cage contains a small amount of dry safely.


How does the smoke effect work?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide - the gas that makes drinks fizzy. When you add water to dry ice pellets you will immediately create a white fog; this mist consists of tiny droplets of water just like a real cloud! If you are creating fog effects for Halloween you will need to use hot water - please see our recipe for the perfect fog effect above. You can also add dry ice to drinks provided you use our hardware; these include smoking pitchers, smoking cocktails and smoking shot glasses - read on!

Fog effect Packs - What should I buy?

To create fog effects at your party you will need to buy one of our dry ice packs. For Halloween we call these our 'Halloween Fog Effect Packs' - same thing!  With each pack we include notes to help you use the dry ice and get the best results. Here are the Halloween Fog Effect Pack options:

4kg pack - suitable for a small home party this will give you up to 5 good effects this pack will also work with all our hardware.

10kg, 15kg and 20kg packs - As above when you want to create bigger effects over several days.

30kg, 40kg, 50kg - for large venues, multiple days and/or outside fog effects.

If you want to use these packs in drinks you will also need to use our hardware, such as one of our Halloween Party Packs........

Hardware Packs - What should I buy?

Dry ice in drinks creates fun smoking effects and also promotes the aroma of the drink. If you want to use dry ice in drinks you will need to use some of our hardware to avoid the risk of the ice being swallowed. We offer smoking Skull Jugs, smoking cocktail stirrers (chillistick) and smoking shot glasses (Ice Breaker). Please note that these packs do not come with dry ice, you will need to select your Fog Effect Pack and then choose the hardware. If you don't find a pack size that works for your party you can also choose any of these items from our product page menu, (but you will still need to buy ice!)

Childrens' Halloween Party Pack - 2 x Smoking Skull Jugs for soft drinks and 2 Ice Cages to put into any container, such as a cauldron, to create safe smoking effects.

Halloween Party Packs - 2 x Smoking Skull Jugs, 2 Ice Cages, 10 x chillisticks (smoking cocktail stirrers) and 10 x Ice Breakers (smoking shot glasses).

Professional Halloween Party Pack - 5 x Smoking Skull Jugs,  5 x Ice Cages, 25 x chillisticks (smoking cocktail stirrers) and 25 x Ice Breakers (smoking shot glasses).

How long does the fog effect last for? 

Typically 3 to 4 minutes. The way to use fog effects is in short big bursts that will get people talking, resist trying to keep a small fog effect going all the time in the background - we would sell more ice but it will not look as good!

Does it matter if I add the dry ice first or water first?

There is no difference when the dry ice is added. For big effects with hot water it is easier to add the ice first and then the water. But please don't leave dry ice in a container for more than a few minutes. The ice will start to evaporate and will also freeze the container.

How long does the dry ice last?

Dry ice is constantly turning into carbon dioxide gas. After 5 days even our biggest packs will have disappeared! This is why it is important that when you place your order online you specify the day you want the delivery. Our 4kg will last for your party but will probably only last for one night. Our larger packs will last for 2 - 3 days, but it depend how you use it.