COVID-19 Dry Ice For Blood Samples

How to expedite COVID-19 Samples Securely For Testing Without The Worry Of Logistics

Reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus is critical as is the diagnosis which takes time and needs logistical planning. An additional process which without further resource can cause extra pressures on the NHS.

All suspected cases require blood samples which need to be tested and these need to be sent to labs for analysis as quickly as possible. Packing these samples and ensuring their safe arrival is a crucial element which staff may not have time or experience in handling. Communication via sites also being important to ensure safe arrival. These processes take time and need managing effectively. This is on top of normal working practices.

Finding solutions on how these samples can be packed and forwarded and the quantities of samples needing dispatch is problematic in itself and needs excellent coordination. Without day-to-day expertise, knowledge, know-how or processes involved. Getting support from experts is critical from the start as delays can cause unthinkable consequences at this stage.

Dry ice is a perfect medium for shipping blood samples and is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure the samples remain intact. Transportation of dry ice in packages is available, as well as support on handling and shipping for staff. These samples can be delivered on the same-day and overnight within 24hr hours throughout the UK which means they remain safe and can be accessed within a short time for testing. Being able to produce results in an infinite amount of time helps contain the virus from spreading and helps patients being treated more quickly or alleviating unnecessary isolations which helps allay further resource on the NHS.

We manufacture dry ice to order and have the capacity of making 30 tonnes per week. We can ship in excess of 1000 individual thermal boxes to GP’s across the UK and can help support staff in packing samples and shipping them to the sites for testing. We would manage the delivery process to ensure these reach their destinations on time. We have the flexibility and capacity to expand our production deliverables on demand.

We have the experience, expertise the goods and the knowledge to help provide support and would be happy to answer any further questions confidentially – our number is 020 3432 9412. Or you can contact one of our Directors – Chris or Mike at For any further advice or support.