The Great British Bake Fog Off

Pantone Christmas CakeChristmas is coming and it’s time to start thinking about festive treats and Christmas party desserts. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the recipes ideas - fear not, we here at Chillistick, who know nothing about baking or cooking, have come to the rescue. We have lots of Christmas treats and ideas to help you bake and make.

In the run up to Christmas we will be sharing with you some fabulous dry ice fog ideas to show your creations in the best possible light. We are launching our Christmas Party Pack which contains all of the items needed to provide awesome fog effects this Christmas, from fogging champagne buckets, food displays and the most extravagant mulled wine to the coolest cocktail serve. Today it’s all about Christmas baking.

Christmas Treats To Bake

Pantone Christmas Cake With WaterYou’ve done the hard work of creating your famous Christmas Cake, Gingerbread House, Yule Log or trifle (really trifle ?), now bring it to life Heston-style. This is how we did it for a horrible (store bought) sponge:

You need our IceCage and polycarbonate water container along with some dry ice, all included in our Christmas Party Pack along with other items and instructions.

The idea is to place the empty water container within the cake structure so that the top of the container is level with the top of the cake. To do this requires some surgery depending on the structure and type of cake. For example if you have a round-sectioned sponge carefully remove a small circular piece the same diameter as the water container from the middle of each piece and place the container within the cake.

Pantone Christmas Cake With Dry Ice The water container is now hidden in the centre of your cake. Decorate and frost the cake as you normally would do. If the water container is upside down or outside the cake you’ve gone wrong.

Alternatively hack at the cake without any care or plan and then try and remedy matters by sticking back together with paperclips as our manager did.

Just before serving and whilst off-stage fill the IceCage with dry ice following the instructions in the Christmas Party Pack and place inside the water container which is cunningly hidden within your masterpiece.

Bring said cake to table amidst quiet murmurs of appreciation. When everyone is gathered round pour half a cup of hot water into the water container and you will see a pleasing eruption of fog over the cake and round the serving area which will last for about three minutes.

Pantone Christmas Cake With Dry Ice FogIf your cake is of a different geometry or if you resent cutting it about you can achieve a similar effect by placing the IceCage in a small bowl made from plastic, ceramic or pyrex. Pour the hot water into the bowl next to your cake and the fog will swirl around creating a dramatic and pleasing effect. For maximum impact don’t tell them what you are planning.

This will get you the praise and respect you deserve, rose petals and Quality Street (the good ones with the toffee) will be thrown at your feet. And if those miserable ingrates don’t appreciate your fogging skills, well, let them eat cake - they’re probably just hungry.

Keep posted for information on our Christmas and New Year packs which are available throughout the holiday season including arriving on December 24 and December 31st.

Next up - the perfect Mulled Wine serve….!