Weekends Away – Camping Food Ideas No Refrigeration

Are you the family that likes to go glamping? The individual who loves Music Festivals always seen at Glastonbury? The sports car enthusiast travelling to Le Mans each year… All these wonderful and amazing opportunities to spend a few days away, from tents and tepees to tree-houses and camper vans – the one burning question…. Is my milk going to go off? In all seriousness, many of you will need at some stage to want to keep your food and drinks frozen or chilled and dry ice offers a perfect solution as not all of us has the luxury to hook up to electric with our super-size fridge!

There are over 6 million people viewing google for ideas on how to go camping without refrigeration and hundreds of different food and recipe ideas. However, you can relax and still enjoy your favourite meals by taking the food you love. Follow our guidelines - Chillistick can even deliver to your campsite if you ever run out of ice!


The first thing to determine is how long you will be away for and whether you need to keep things frozen or just chilled. Dry ice is -80° degrees and when packed in the right way will help you enjoy your food and drink just as you like it!

How To Keep Your Items Frozen or Chilled

The simplest method is to layer dry ice at the base of your storage container and then add ice cubes on top of the dry ice. The dry ice will help to keep the ice cubes frozen which will then help to keep your items chilled or frozen until you use them. It’s as simple as that!

Cool boxes are not the best way to store dry ice but if after you have layered the dry ice and ice cubes and haven’t the appropriate space for your items then a cool box will have to suffice. It just means you need to check the contents each day and top up with ice when necessary.

Dry ice can lose around 2kg per day. We experimented with 10kg slices to help keep ice creams frozen. Day 2 we topped up with another bag of ice cubes as it was 33°. The lollies remained frozen and there was sufficient ice which lasted 4 days.

How Much Dry Ice Will I Need?

Most of our customers take a 10kg or 15kg pack for 3-4 days of being away. Taking around 2kg of dry ice out of the polystyrene container and packing with ice cubes. The remaining dry ice is left in the polystyrene box. Always check the contents of your items each day and where necessary top up with the dry ice and add more ice cubes when necessary.

Where To Buy Dry Ice?

Order you dry ice in advance, call 020 3432 9412 to place your order or order on-line at www.chillistick.com – we recommend our medium pack of dry ice as a minimum (10kg). Dry ice cannot be stored for more than a few days therefore arrange delivery to be made the day before you travel. Make sure you leave yourself enough time to pack your items prior to travelling.

What Do I Do With Left Over Ice?

Should you have any dry ice remaining after your trip. Place the polystyrene box with lid removed in a secure well-ventilated area away from children and pets. Allow the ice to evaporate completely. Dry ice does not melt – it evaporates. Once evaporated you will be left with an empty box.

Are there any risks or special safety instructions?

Please read our health and safety guidelines which offers advice and recommendations on how to store and use the ice.