Quick and easy way to make Ice Cream using dry ice and the best three flavours for it!

Let’s start with a few ice cream facts. Did you know the USA eats the most ice cream as a nation in the world? Also, did you know that 391 million people look for ‘who invented ice cream?’ and 179 million searchers wanted to know about ‘dry ice ice cream’? But why do people want to know about ‘dry ice ice cream’ in particular? Maybe it’s because using the dry ice means smaller crystals in the ice cream which makes it smoother and tastier or maybe it’s because it’s super quick to make.

Before we tell you the ice cream recipe, we are going to share with you the three best ice cream flavours that are perfect in this frozen treat.

Cookie Dough

Everybody loves the ice cream parlour Cookie Dough flavour but making it yourself allows for more control. You can add as much chocolate cookie dough as you would like and it’s the same with the chocolate chunks. If you don’t feel you get enough chocolate in the shop bought tubs, put in as many bars as you like; fill it to your hearts content.


39 million people are looking for a whisky ice cream recipe whether it be for a Saturday evening in, or once you come back from a Saturday night out, this is perfect just to finish off the day. Cold, alcoholic and pairs well with an Irish coffee, what more could you want from an ice cream.


Now we presume you’re making ice cream for your kids as well as yourself. Some may say this is obvious or a ‘boring’ choice but no, vanilla flavoured ice cream is a classic, and one that will never die. You can make it as strong or as weak as you like and would be great served as part of an ice cream cake to friends and family.


• 250g Dry Ice
• 500ml Full Fat Milk
• 500ml Double Cream
• 200g Caster Sugar
• ¼ teaspoon Salt
• One of the 3 flavourings above


• Pyrex Bowel
• Spatula
• Tea Towel
• Rolling Pin
• Blender
• Stand Mixer


Firstly, combine the milk, cream, sugar, salt and flavouring in the bowl and mix together.

Next, place the pellets in a tea towel and crush using a rolling pin, then place into a blender to turn your dry ice into a fine powder. Try and blend it quickly to ensure that you don’t allow gas to build-up in your blender as it will have no space to escape, causing it to fly off.

Gradually add the dry ice to the bowl, whilst it is being mixed using the Stand Mixer. Do this until you reach the consistency of ice-cream or the thickness you desire.

Finally, allow the mixture to warm up. Yes, we need the ice cream to warm up so place it in the freezer to allow it to rise to a more suitable temperature.