Home Use

When looking for party ideas and children's party games; consider dry ice as a terrific option - great for big kids too! Create amazing science experiments with the help of our science pack. Why not try a Harry Potter party theme for kids. Use smoking pitchers or magic potions; try a volcano cake. These are just some of the varied and fun things that can be accomplished with dry ice.

Party entertainment for adults - create a sophisticated atmosphere with Champagne  or an exclusive cocktail. Have a celebration with smoking shot glasses, or even create your own ice cream.

Browse through our range of products to see how to use dry ice safely and conveniently. We have many downloads and other information demonstrating how to use the ice in fun and safe ways including our very own cocktail menu. Most of the ideas need small quantities of dry ice, our 2.5 or 5kg packs are ideal for dinner parties, 5 to 10kg are the right choice for most children's parties and celebrations. To find details of dry ice prices, go to our dry ice  section. Go mad with a Hawaiian voodoo evening, magic or spooky party and we will supply the dry ice to suit your requirements. If in doubt, please call us, 0203 4329412 or email info@chillistick.com and we will be happy to advise on the right amount. 

Metal Scream

Hold a metal object such as a spoon against a piece of dry Ice and listen to the metal scream. The pressure of the metal is causing the dry ice to sublime and the CO2 gas produced pushes the metal up briefly. The resulting vibration generates the noise.

Balloon Popping

Place one or two pieces of dry ice inside a balloon and add a small slug (20ml) of warm water. The balloon will expand and may eventually pop, there will be liquid and a very small amount of dry ice left over so please do this in the sink.

How To Make A Volcano Cake

So many customers enquire about making a volcano cake we decided to share our very own real life party cake made by one of our team members for her 15 year old daughter fanatical about dinosaurs. For the full recipe and instructions please click the Volcano Cake link. We also have our video where you can see the cake in action.

Please carry out COSHH assessments to ensure that these suggested activities are age-appropriate and safe for all concerned.