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Just add water...

Dry ice is simple to use – just add water, alcohol, or fruit squash to make the perfect spooky fog or to use in drinks. Check out the videos and look at the sections on what products to buy and how much ice do I need? If your party is on the weekend - opt for the larger pack size to ensure it lasts. 

Halloween Spider | Halloween Spider's Web

What Products Should I Buy?

Dry ice creates fun smoking effects whether it's in drinks or on display. You will need to choose from our unique hardware range  and also a dry ice pack. The hardware will not work without the dry ice! Dry ice in drinks creates fun smoking effects and also increases the aroma of the drink. If you want to use dry ice in drinks you will need to use some of our hardware to avoid the risk of the ice being swallowed. 

Chillistick recommends the Party Packs as they include dry ice and are great value for money (see below)!

For adult drink parties consider our ChilliStick fogger, add one piece of ice to the Chillistick and place in a glass - the drink will immediately start to fog, this effect is shown in the photo (below). Each effect lasts for about 3 minutes and can be repeated many times. The Ice Breaker shot glass works in a similar manner and is awesome for enjoying spirits. These products are dishwasher proof and can be re-used many times. If you are planning a big event with lots of guests consider re-using the hardware during the evening so that everyone can experience the fun whilst keeping costs down. 

The  Drinks Party Pack  includes a room fog maker (The Witch's Pail), 5 IceBreaker shot glasses and 5 ChilliSticks.

For children we recommend the Smoking Skull Jug with Ice Cage – really impressive fog effects and completely safe. For awesome room fog effects check out the Witch’s Pail. Our Halloween Fog Party Pack includes all these items and five free chillisticks worth £7.80!

All this hardware is shown  in the video at the top of this page.

Halloween Props

Witch's Pail Halloween Prop Party Idea Halloween Witch's Cauldron With Dry Ice Halloween Jack O Lantern Pumpkin With Dry Ice Fog Breathing Scary Halloween Dry Ice Fog

Witch's Pail

Perfect for creepy fog across the floor, entrance way, grave-yard garden!

Creepy Cauldron

Ideal for witch's potions and bubbling cauldrons. Trick or treat? What's inside ... oooerr!

Screaming Pumpkin

Screaming pumpkins at the door - or pumpkin carving competition - whatever you choose - be scary! 

Click on the image for product information on our Halloween Props.

Halloween Drink Ideas

Take a look at our Halloween Cocktail Menu created by  mixologists for use with dry ice. Dry ice  should NOT be used directly in drinks without some safety device to ensure the dry ice is safely captured. Chillistick design and manufacture products for this purpose.

Dry Ice Halloween Cocktail Using Dry Ice Safely | Chillistick Cocktail Stirrer | Dry Ice Drink dry ice shot glass | dry ice drinks | dry ice shots Halloween Punch Bowl | Halloween Sharing Drinks Using Dry Ice In A Punch Kids Spooky Halloween Party |Children's halloween party

The Chillistick

designed for individual cocktail drinks. Available in  - black or a Dracula black and red - choose the scariest option for you!

click here for info

Ice Breaker Shot Glass

designed for individual shots. That's not all - the dry ice chills the shot to the perfect temperature so the look and taste hits you in one.

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Halloween Punch

perfect for sharing - use  the Ice Cage with your own pouch bowl or  the Cauldron (includes  the  ice cage). 

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The Skull Jug

perfect for sharing - recommended for the children as a creepy fog jug with Skull emblem. The jug includes an ice cage.

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Halloween Party Packs - Dry Ice Included!

Halloween Drinks Party Pack | Dry Ice Halloween Punch Ideas Halloween Party Pack Ideas, Costumes, Props & Drinks Pack, Cauldrons, Witch's Potions Halloween Party Pack Ideas, Costumes, Props & Drinks Pack, Cauldrons, Witch's Potions

Drinks Party Pack

Perfect for cocktails, shots and a large scale fog effect.

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Fog Party Pack

Perfect all round for small and large fog effects.  

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Party at Home

FREE Download with what you can do at home this Halloween.  

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You can also choose any of these items from our full range of products from the Shop menu. 

What dry ice pack should I buy?

To use our hardware or create fog effects you will need to choose one of our dry ice packs.  With each pack we include notes to help you use the dry ice and get the best results. 

2.5kg pack - suitable for a small home party for drinks.

5kg pack - suitable for a small home party this will give you up to 5 good effects this pack will also work with all our hardware.

10kg, 15kg and 20kg packs - As above when you want to create bigger effects over several days.

30kg, 40kg, 50kg - for large venues, multiple days and/or outside fog effects.

If your party is on Saturday, or Sunday - go large - dry ice loses 20% overnight so make sure you order enough ice - if in doubt please call 020 3432 9412 for further advice

Don't forget if you want to use these packs in drinks you will also need to use our hardware, such as the Chillisticks or Shot Glasses.

When Should I Place My Order?

We expect to run out so please place your order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Our courier will send a text giving a timed delivery window and will also leave the parcel in a safe place if asked to do so.

Adult Party Ideas 

The  Drinks Party Pack  includes a room fog maker (The Witch's Pail), 5 IceBreaker shot glasses and 5 ChilliSticks. It's great value and includes dry ice.

If you would like ideas on what types of cocktails to tickle your appetite consider one of our  Halloween Cocktail Recipes  or even a mulled drink with the ChilliStick, the IceCage dropped in a punch bowl can’t fail to impress (this makes an appearance on our video at the top of this page). When using the IceBreaker shotglass we find neat spirits gives the best fog effect, whatever your tipple you will always end up with a white fog! One of the cool things about dry ice fog is that it hugely increases the aroma of your drink.

For a table centre-piece select a container of your choice made from plastic or pyrex glass that will be used as the source of the fog effect. Measure the volume so that you know how much dry ice to add - the ratio is 100g of dry ice to 1 litre of hot water. Just before your guests are seated add the dry ice in the kitchen and place on table - do not leave dry ice in container for more than a few minutes as it will evaporate. Once everyone is seated pour the correct amount of hot water (with essence if you wish) into the container and remember to take photos! We recommend using our Ice Cage safety device if you think there is a chance that someone will try and put their hand in the container whilst it is fogging.

When your guests are seated add hot water from a jug into a container which is in the centre of the table. A dense white cloud will be formed that will pour over the table top. For an added flourish consider adding a scented essence to the hot water that complements your food - the cloud will spread this aroma providing fun and drama for your Halloween Dinner - a simple yet awesome effect.

Children's Party Ideas

For children we recommend the  Smoking Skull Jug with Ice Cage – really impressive fog effects and completely safe. For awesome room fog effects check out the Witch’s Pail. Our Halloween Fog Party Pack includes all these items and five free chillisticks worth £7.80!

Where to start! With dry ice you can provide so much fun for young people. In our hardware range the Skull Jug is perfect as it creates an awesome drink effect but the dry ice is contained such that it is completely safe. When you pour from the Skull Jug you also pour a cloud of the drink - a blackcurrant cloud with Ribena for example!  

As with the adults you can create an amazing fog effect at the table with hot water and dry ice. We used the Witch's Pail (photo first left), which will make everyone smile and is a great finale to a party. Again these are sold individually and also in our party packs.

If your making food and special cakes - you could make a witch's cave (we made a Volcano cake, but the principle is the same - imaging a bubbling, smoking cake! -  check out our fact sheet - we'd love to see what you can create!

Witch's & Wizarding Potions, Trick or Treat Surprises

Here we have a few simple but effective scary, spooky, wizarding potions:

Dry Ice Big Bubbles | Halloween Bubble Monster - Fun Fright Halloween Effects Floating Bubbles - Harry Potter Style - Using Dry Ice How To Host The Perfect Party Games - Top Tips For Halloween

The Bubble Monster 

Put around 6 pieces of dry ice into a coffee mug and half fill with hot tap water.  Squeeze some washing washing-up liquid or add  bubble solution . This will create an out-of-control bubble monster! This is really best done in a sink. Dare you go large like the photo above! Adult supervision at all time please. 

Spooky Sink

Place around 200g of dry ice in a small plastic bowl. Place in your sink with the plug in. Do not add water! Wait 10 minutes - your sink will be fill with invisible carbon dioxide gas which willl stay in the sink for a short time. Ask the children to blow bubbles into the sink – they will float in a most unexpected way!  

The Horrible Hand

Place two pieces of dry ice into one of the blue gloves supplied and tie off the end. Watch as the hand grows and grows into something nasty! Do this towards the end of the party as you may need the glove for loading dry ice into our hardware! 


What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid (frozen) form of the gas that makes drinks fizzy: carbon dioxide (CO2). It has the unusual property of turning from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid phase and this is how it gets the name ‘dry’ ice. The product can only exist at -78°C and it maintains this temperature by sublimation. 

What Is Dry Ice Fog?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide - the gas that makes drinks fizzy. When you add water to dry ice pellets you will immediately create a white fog; this mist consists of tiny droplets of water just like a real cloud! If you are creating fog effects for Halloween you will need to use hot water - please see our recipe for the perfect fog effect in the video above. You can also add dry ice to drinks provided you use our hardware; these include smoking pitchers, smoking shot glasses - read on! The only difference between natural fog and dry ice fog is the presence of CO2 gas, this is heavier than air and so tends to carry the white fog towards ground level creating cool effects! The fog will cover the ground, roll down stairs, and swirl when walked through. It will not rise into light beams like glycol type foggers and will not make a fine mist in the air like hazers. Dry ice fog has no odour, contains no chemicals, and leaves no oily residue.

How do I store dry ice?

Store dry ice in an insulated container - the better the insulation, the slower the rate of sublimation to CO2 gas. The best container is the polystyrene box that the dry ice was shipped in. Do not store dry ice in an airtight or glass container, the sublimation of dry ice into CO2 gas will cause an airtight container to expand, rupture or burst. CO2 gas is heavier than air and will sink to low areas and displace air. At elevated concentrations CO2 can be fatal as an asphyxiant. For this reason always store dry ice in a well ventilated area - avoid unventilated rooms such as cellars, boat holds and walk-in freezers. Note: you can store dry ice in domestic (non-walk-in) freezers provided the dry ice is kept in the polystyrene packaging. The dry ice will release CO2 gas whilst in the freezer however there is no risk of asphyxiation. The freezer will reduce heat transfer into the box and prolong the life of the ice. However do not store dry ice in walk-in freezers as this could lead to an asphyxiation risk if the freezer is not used regularly. Some surfaces left in direct contact with Dry Ice may be damaged by the extreme cold. Adhesives may become brittle and break, so please do not let dry ice into contact with kitchen tiles, or other surfaces which are susceptible to damage from the cold.

How Long Does The Dry Ice Last?

Dry ice is constantly turning into carbon dioxide gas. After 4 days even our biggest packs will have disappeared! This is why it is important that when you place your order online you specify the day you want the delivery. Our 2.5kg will last for your party but will only last for one night. Our larger packs will last for 2 - 3 days, but it depends how you use it and if you remember to replace the lid...


Our products are great fun to use but please follow all our guidelines and remember - a responsible adult in charge at all times please.

  • Dry ice is extremely cold (-80 degrees) and should be handled with care, use  gloves to help prevent frostbite burns. 
  • Never use industrial dry ice in drinks it may contain chemical, oils or other contaminants, only use food grade dry ice as supplied by Chillistick.
  • Never put dry ice directly into drinks always use a safety containment device such as the ChilliStick or the IceBreaker.
  • Only allow responsible sober adults to handle dry ice who have read the safety guidelines.
  • Storing and Using Dry Ice Always keep dry ice in the polystyrene box supplied.
  • Always replace the lid after use.
  • Always store the dry ice box in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  • You can store the dry ice box in a domestic fridge or freezer.
  • Do NOT store in a walk in refrigerator or freezer.
  • Never transport in a vehicle without having a continuous supply of fresh air.
  • Do not open until you are ready to use the dry ice – this will reduce its life span.
  • When handling the dry ice, put two of the supplied gloves on one hand; use this hand to touch the dry ice. Use a cup, or scoop to move the dry ice.
  • Read and follow safety guidelines for use of dry ice available from our Downloads section.  If in doubt contact Chillistick on 0203 432 9412.